Spring break? Head for Manchester

Spring break? Head for Manchester

Winter has its moments. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without dark evenings and frosty air. But sooner or later, the tree’s packed up. And there comes a point when most of us feel winter is overstaying its welcome. Even at just 28 days, or even 29 in 2024, isn’t a whole month of February pushing it a bit? No wonder our thoughts turn to summer. Booking our holidays gives us something to look forward to. Always therapeutic. But why wait till summer? Nature takes a turn sooner than that. Which is why many people enjoy a little break at springtime.

A weekend or a few days away in the spring is doubly refreshing. First, there’s the simple joy of time off work. Then there’s have a chance to actually notice the longer days. Not to mention the milder weather. Gardens and parks burst into colour. It’s good to be alive. What could be better? Well, how about visiting somewhere with even more to put a smile on your face? Art and culture. A variety of food and drink. A spot of retail therapy. A springtime city break.

A lively city for a vibrant season

They say Paris is nice in springtime. But it’s also expensive. A pain to get to. And the waiters are rude. That’s why we suggest somewhere closer to home. And with a well-deserved reputation for friendliness. We’re talking Manchester.

Spring is the perfect time to explore one of Britain’s most vibrant cities. Everyone knows about Manchester’s wealth of shopping. The brilliant local music scene. The bars, pubs and clubs that gave birth to it. And of course the fantastic restaurants, as well as theatres, museums and galleries. But the former industrial powerhouse is less well known for its many lovely parks and green spaces. Heaton Park, Debdale Park and Fletcher Moss Park & Botanical Gardens to name a few.

The Venice of the North

The city’s canals have also been repurposed for the 21st century. Enjoy a waterside drink at the bar of your choice. Or simply take a canalside walk and enjoy the wildlife. There’s even an annual rubber duck race every Easter. Definitely one for Instagram. Or, if you fancy a more challenging way to celebrate the green shoots of spring, come in April. The Manchester Marathon is famed for the huge support runners get from the public. And your thighs will be glad to know it’s the flattest major marathon route in Britain!


To make the most of the season, though, it’s good to get out and about. There are some amazing walking trails in and around Manchester. These include the Worsley Village trail, the Saddleworth Circuit and the Pennine Bridleway. You can even circumnavigate the city on the Greater Manchester Ringway.


So, why not shake off the winter blues with a proper city break? Enjoy the hustle and bustle of a major city. But also get your dose of spring greenery, and stretch those legs. And at the end of the day, come ‘home’ to your very own Manchester pad. Guestz have a range of fantastic apartments in the city. Book your getaway now. And those remaining winter months won’t seem so bleak!