Hastings in style

Hastings is most famous as the site of the medieval battle that bears its name. Actually, that took place a few miles inland from the modern town, at the appropriately named Battle. It’s true, though, that it effectively clinched the Norman conquest of England. And in recent years, the attractive coastal town has been subject to a very different kind of invasion

A friendly invasion

Thousands of people have lately moved into Hastings from London, as well as places like Brighton and Tunbridge Wells. Why? Well, because it’s beautiful, charming and significantly more affordable! The pandemic forced a lot of people to reconsider their priorities. And the experience of working from home led many to prefer a nicer, bigger home. Even if that meant a smaller town. And if that smaller town has pleasant walks and a vibrant culture, so much the better. Welcome to Hastings.

Just an hour and three quarters from London by train, Hastings was long seen as a commuter town. Its stunning coastal views and seaside attractions also made it a popular place to visit. But like many commuter towns, it had a reputation for being a little too quiet during the day. A bit dull, even. Well, that’s all changing. Hastings’ 21st century invaders are looking for a better lifestyle. Many work in the creative industries. They like cool cafés and bars. Quirky galleries and shops. And a lively culture throughout the week. And Hastings has not disappointed.

More than a seaside town

Hastings today is not just a coastal getaway. Newcomers are putting down roots. Rejuvenating the existing community. The new complements the old, just as Hastings Contemporary complements the charming Old Town. And it all adds up to vibrant neighbourhoods that people want to live in. And to visit. Today’s visitors don’t just want to walk on the pier. Or ride the historic funicular cliff lifts. They want to soak up the culture. And to do so in style.

That’s why a new generation of places to stay has emerged. Havelock, for example, is a new, high-concept development that’s destined to be the ‘go-to’ place in Hastings. The multi-functional, high-end, modern development has been designed and developed by the award-winning Cochrane design. It includes a Vive hotel and a conference and event centre. Short-term lets managed by Residential Estates are also available. They are ideal for visitors who want to experience the best of what Hastings has to offer. And to do so in a stylish and comfortable ‘home from home’.

The apartments are furnished to the highest specification, with high ceilings, and in some cases mezzanines. They are located in the heart of Hastings, virtually opposite the university and convenient for the railway station as well as the beach. Perfect for anyone wishing to explore Hastings. Or indeed those seeking temporary accommodation in the area for work reasons.

Hastings is the place to be on England’s south coast. And there’s nowhere better to experience it from than your very own Havelock apartment. Book yours now by calling us on 01244 646055