Chester: Come for the Races, Stay for Everything Else!

For fans of horse racing, Chester is the Mecca of the north west. Many will be planning to visit for a day or two at the races this spring and summer. And, of course, they are in for a treat. They can look forward to a stunning sporting spectacle. Race horses are magnificent beasts to watch. And the thrill of a flutter only adds to the experience. Chester’s historic racecourse itself is also a thing of beauty. And the hospitality is fabulous.

Many visitors will also spend a night or two in Chester. After all, the racecourse is close to the heart of the city, and an easy walk from most amenities. First time visitors will be charmed by Chester. And those who’ve been before will have fond memories. That being so, why limit your visit to just one or two night? What not make a proper break of it?

Beyond the Races


Chester is a compact city that can be explored on foot. And there’s more to see than just the pretty shopping streets, cafes and bars. The little city has an impressive history going back to the Romans. So you can still see the remains of the largest Roman amphitheatre in Britain. (Sporting spectacle here goes back further than the racecourse!) And you can stroll along Chester’s historic  city walls, the most complete in Britain.

First built by the Romans, the walls were later extended by the Normans. They also added a castle with the stunning Agricola Tower, a treat for history lovers. But everyone will enjoys the views from the city walls. Those with a head for heights can also take the acclaimed tower tour at the thousand-year-old Chester Cathedral. A great way to see the city, its five surrounding counties, and even into Wales!


From Shopping to Ice Cream


Chester also has plenty to offer in the way of retail therapy. the Rows galleries are home to an abundance of shops and boutiques. And Chester as a whole has everything you could want in terms of fashion, accessories, antiques and crafts. All in one easily-walkable city.

A short drive out of the city centre will get you to the famous Chester Zoo. There you’ll find more than 20,000 animals, from bats to bears and aardvarks to elephants. (Makes a change from horses!) There is plenty to do and see in the 128 acres of zoological gardens. And lots of activities for kids, like an Easter egg hunt over the holiday. Another super attraction just outside the city is the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm. There’s plenty to do for kids and adults alike. Not least enjoying the delicious ice cream!


Clearly there is much more to Chester than the races. So if you are planning a trip, be sure to make the most of everything the city has to offer. Residential Estates have a variety of holiday lettings available in Chester. Check out our listings and get ready to make your visit one to remember.